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Hot Air Sheep avatar - Eupalinos Ugajin

Preamble: Second Life ?

After the initial discovery was it the short distance between an idea and a prim which made stay in “Second Life” ?

When I say I play Second Life some people might hastily reply: but it is not REAL!
My answer is: as real as all the tools/objects humanity made.
(If I had to define it…) Real is what might happen when you sit in front of a tree or anything we did not invent * The usual Virtual vs. Real opposition does not hold water.

Your inventions/your avatar’s appearance can easily be the meeting point between two persons who will never “see” each other. Could this be a more direct connection between our brains while skipping the “how is the weather?” clothing people tend to use in “First Life” ?

The random (shuffle) button is probably the greatest invention to survive in a world where you receive in one week as much information as someone living during the 18th century had in a lifetime.

When this button is not present I will somehow try to invent it.

“Someday my Cow will Come” (my first project)

I once found a catapult on the “Marketplace” and dropped inside the first – projectile like ? – object I found in my inventory: A “freebie” cow.
Would this projectile while flying in this pixel Sky invent some temporary architectures in your mind ?
Playing Lego on your own is fun but sometimes you want those Legos the neighbour invented and/or admire the way he/she uses the same Legos as you.
Therefore I asked some of my Second Life friends to invent some projectiles.

* “I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Avatars ?

“…l’étonnement de n’être pas tout, d’avoir même de courtes limites…”  from “Inner Experience” by Georges Bataille
“the astonishment of not being everything, to even have short limits.” (translation by me)

Changing form as an attempt to reach a formless state ? I let you decide here.

They wrote :

On Avaloir by Nima Benoir: “The Intricate Interactive Artworks of Eupalinos Ugajin

On Avaloir by Inara Pey

On “The Plant” by Kate Bergdorf

Messing around at Ouvroir” by Yoon

Creativity Next Door: Eupalinos Ugajin by Art Oluja

On “Gravity is a Mistake”

Magnificent Chaos: Eupalinos Ugajin’s “Gravity Is a Mistake” by Dividni Shostakovich

“Gravity is a Mistake in Second Life” by Inara Pey

“Gravity is a Mistake” by Yoon

On “Taxy! To the Zircus”

A Taxy! to the Zircus, coming home to Dada by Inara Pey

Taxi! to the Zircus in Second Life by Honour McMillan

Taxy! to the Zircus by Ziki Questi

Taxy! to the Zircus by Fritter Enzyme and Gemma Cleanslate

On “Moving Islands” [Rafts]

Juxtaposition & The 9,999th Passenger on Second Life Rafts by Honour McMillan

“Moving Islands” [Rafts] by Ziki Questi

Eupalinos’ Islands by Quan Lavender

Chasing Islands in Second Life by Honour McMillan

LEA20 Moving Islands by Kara Trapdoor

On “…there’s no ground”

…there’s no ground” by Ziki Questi

A must see installation by Eupalinos Ugajin and Suzanne Graves” by Melusina Parkins

There’s No Ground in Second Life” by Honour McMillan

Others installations and texts:

Bisociative Ludos: The Wondrous Tales of Eupalinos Ugajin and Naxos Loon” by Elif Ayiter/Alpha Auer

Topophonia: 4 Realizations in Sound” by Ziki Questi

“Because I am not here” Thesis work on four SL artists by Bryn Oh (mention of my name)

Eupalinos Ugajin: You are the music while the music lasts + There is a hole in my inventory” by Ziki Questi

Party today – Don’t Panic and Carry a Towel” by Quan Lavender

Il surrealismo di Eupalinos” by Simba Schumann

Kou ! for Second Life by Honour McMillan

Kou! by Quan Lavender


Happy Anniversary! with Artistide Despres and Eupalinos Ugajin at Split Screen in December by Dividni Shostakovich

Gobsmacked in Second Life, Part Two by Honour McMillan

D’ailleurs grâce au Soleil, l’herbe est plus… @ Split Screen by Quan Lavender

Cow loon by Dividni Shostakovich

Second Life is Very Hard on Cows by Honour McMillan

“So it goes”




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